As the starting business in1957 in haiphong, ship agent and broker has been and will forever be a core business of vosa haiphong, contributing a major part of Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). company's annual income. All ship operations know that minimizing their vessels' lying time at port is a vital element of theirbusiness success. And we know how. Experience over decades, long standing relationship with local authorities, flexible policies and know-how diligent staff. All of these advantages in a perfect combination help us to ensure clients of time-saving, cost effective and trouble-free agency services inall aspects, including liaison with shipper and consignee, stevedore arrangements, lighterage, tallying supervision, cargo and claims handling. Accompanying activities including ship chartering and cargo broker have also matured during these years. Decades-old practical knowledge on these fields and a worldwide extensive network of contacts enable us to provide up to the minute information and a variety of choices swiftly for customers' decision making.

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Ship Agent Department

25 Dien Bien Phu Str, Haiphong Vietnam

Tel. 84-31-551275/ 551408/ 551321 Fax. 84-31-859915/ 859842
Email: Operation Dept. Tlx. 311245 VOSA VT

Manager: Bui Duc Toan 

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